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MR. FANG Aiqing, Former Vice Minister of Commerce of China


MR. JIANG Ming, Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce


Distinguished Guests


I extend greetings and warm wishes to all participants at this 14th Beijing International Hotel & Catering Expo. I am deeply honoured to address you today in my capacity of the Ambassador of Jamaica to the Peoples Republic of China, at this event which showcases the entire supply chain of hotels, catering, and beverages in China.

我谨向出席第十四届北京国际酒店及餐饮业博览会的各位来宾致以诚挚问候和良好祝愿! 今天,我非常荣幸地以牙买加驻中华人民共和国大使的身份,在这个展示中国酒店、餐饮整个供应链的活动上向大家致辞。

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the organizers of this Expo. Their vision in bringing together the key players of the industry under one roof, is truly commendable. It is through such unity and collaboration that we can create stronger and more vibrant hospitality, food and beverage and catering sectors. 


This gathering represents a unique platform where industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from around the world, converge to showcase the latest trends, technologies, and services in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors.


Events like this Expo are critically important for the advancement and success of the hotel, catering and food and beverage and tourism industries. They provide a valuable opportunity for professionals to network, exchange ideas, and explore new partnerships that can drive growth and innovation in the respective sectors.


It is through such collaboration and knowledge-sharing that we can elevate standards, enhance customer experiences, and ensure the sustainability of the industries for future generations. 


I am proud to share with you the success of Jamaica's hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors in recent years. In 2023 Jamaica received 4.1 million visitors marking a 16 percent increase from the previous year. This growth is a testament to Jamaica's appeal as a premier tourist destination, known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warmth. 

在此,我很自豪地与大家分享牙买加酒店、餐饮和旅游业近年来取得的成功。2023 年,牙买加接待了 410 万游客,比上一年增长了16%。牙买加以其迷人的风景、充满活力的文化和热情而***,这种增长见证了牙买加作为***的旅游目的地的吸引力。

With this growth comes the demand for increased hotel rooms and accommodation.  These accommodations must meet the new demands of our discerning visitors and this Expo is an important outlet providing opportunity for developers, designers and managers to experience new trends, collaborate and engage in business.


In response to this increasing demand, Jamaica has embarked on an ambitious expansion of its hotel and resort infrastructure, with the development of 8,000 additional hotel rooms in 2022 alone and in 2024 an additional 2,000 rooms are expected to be added. This investment underscores our commitment to providing world-class accommodations and experiences for visitors from around the globe, ensuring that Jamaica remains a top choice for travellers seeking luxury, adventure, and relaxation. 

为了应对这一不断增长的需求,牙买加已开始雄心勃勃地扩建其酒店和度假村基础设施,仅在 2022 年就增加了 8,000 间酒店客房,预计到 2024 年还将增加 2,000 间客房。这项投资凸显了我们致力于为来自世界各地的游客提供世界***的住宿和体验的承诺,以确保牙买加仍然是寻求奢华、探险和放松的旅行者的***。

But, as we strive to maintain our premier position in the industry, it is crucial that we continue to foster sustainable growth and excellence. My government has taken strategic steps over the past five years to capitalize on the potential and benefits of gastronomy tourism. 


Furthermore, we recognize the pivotal role that gastronomy plays in attracting and delighting tourists. Jamaica has a rich culinary heritage, blending indigenous flavours with influences from around the world, to create a truly unique and mouth-watering gastronomic experience.


Events like the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival now in its seventh year, and the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival, have become highlights on the gastronomy calendar, showcasing the best of Jamaican cuisine and hospitality to visitors and food enthusiasts alike.  


Furthermore, we have placed great emphasis on capacity building for food tour operators and have worked closely with tour operators to develop enticing food tours across our beautiful island. Our goal is to position Jamaica as a leading gastronomy destination, where our food and beverage products, and everything that surrounds them, exude quality, safety, and innovation.


In February of this year the International Trade Administration of the United States of America reported that Jamaica’s food and beverage market represents strong business opportunities for U.S. suppliers, and I am confident that this is the same for Chinese suppliers. 

今年2月,美国国际贸易管理署(International Trade Administration of the United States of the United States of America)在其报告中称,牙买加的食品和饮料市场对美国供应商来说蕴含巨大商机,我相信这对中国供应商而言亦如此。

Jamaica is turning its attention to the thriving global spice market and is now exploring the potential of increasing the production of ginger, turmeric and pimento, so as to meet burgeoning export requirements. It is my hope that at future editions of this Expo, Jamaican spice suppliers will be ready and able to do business.


In 2023, the top food imports of China from Jamaica were crustaceans to the value of $492,000USD and coffee to the value of $103,000USD.  It is hoped that Jamaica will see increases in these imports in 2024 and that additional products will be imported from Jamaica.  


I must emphasize the importance of this Expo in connecting suppliers, buyers, and industry professionals. It is here that opportunities for networking, partnership building, and sourcing of goods and services are created.  


Events like this Expo provide a platform for us to address challenges collectively, to share best practices, and to explore innovative solutions that will ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the industries. 


I urge all participants to make the most of this Expo, to engage in fruitful discussions, and to forge new and lasting partnerships that will propel our industries to even greater heights.


Thank you for your attention, and I wish you all a successful and productive Expo. 



After the opening ceremony, Ambassador Arthur Williams and his wife Jala Bernard-Williams went to the pavilions and interacted with some exhibitors.




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